How to Run Your Own Record Label

Now a day the concept of recording your own label is very common. A lot of people are now seen recording labels on their own. But it is not a very simple task. By administering a record label, it means that you have to be responsible for everything. You will be the only one doing everything on your own. But now it is much easier than it used to be. Now you can make use of all the latest technology and instruments that can help you in a number of ways. Now you can easily manage a record label of your own. It means that now you won’t have to go for other fancy labels or established Indies. The most important factor here will be your time. You need to have the motivation and passion to manage a record entirely on your own. If you focus on time, passion and motivation and if all these factors are used in a balanced form then you can easily manage it.


Firstly thing that you should be sure about is that what are you selling and who are you selling. Also make sure you have depreciation about every artist. This will make their identity as who are they and most importantly the music they perform. Make sure each of the listed artists contains an elevator pitch. As a record labels work in sales so you should have a perfect sales pitch that represents each artist.
Create a network of people by indulging your friends. Also search for different sources on internet for radio stations, venues and other ways of communication. Here word of mouth popularity can work really well.
Creating a program for interns within your label can be a good idea. This way student will have the opportunity to learn more about music. For this you need to be very organized. This way you can get positive feedbacks.
Contact people who have any sort of connection with the music industry. This way you can take the reference. These people can help you in many ways.
Be informative. You should have detailed knowledge about the industry. You need to know about source of publications and the important venues and radio stations. You need to be alert and should take active participation in this business. Create a separate database that will contain important and useful information
English: Tedlewis & His Orchestra: Somebody St…
English: Tedlewis & His Orchestra: Somebody Stole my Gal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about duplication service, agents, managers, the engineers, the producers etc.

Send letters to the selected venues and give them your description. They need to inform them about your position and to whom you represent. Actively communicate with the people who can help you in this field. Be in your comfort zone. Try to get as much information as you can. This will help you in a number of ways.
Attend meeting and industry conferences. You need to know things in a better way. The more you know the better it can be.
You need to be strong as you can face a lot of rejections at first. But eventually things will work in your way. To be successful you need to trust yourself and your potential