How to Run Your Own Record Label

Now a day the concept of recording your own label is very common. A lot of people are now seen recording labels on their own. But it is not a very simple task. By administering a record label, it means that you have to be responsible for everything. You will be the only one doing everything on your own. But now it is much easier than it used to be. Now you can make use of all the latest technology and instruments that can help you in a number of ways. Now you can easily manage a record label of your own. It means that now you won’t have to go for other fancy labels or established Indies. The most important factor here will be your time. You need to have the motivation and passion to manage a record entirely on your own. If you focus on time, passion and …

Birmingham crooner could well be next American Idol

Who will be our next American Idol?

For the three of you out there who are not familiar with the Fox Network‘s smash series “American Idol,” here it is in a nutshell:

During the past few months thousands of hopeful singers in Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities auditioned for three celebrity judges – Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Shania Twain
Cover of Shania Twain

After a long, arduous and highly entertaining series of further auditions, the herd has been culled to 10 (nine by the time you read this) finalists.

The beauty of this show is that the viewing audience gets to vote for its favorites – last week 14 million voted ( The horror of the show is that contestants are eliminated LIVE on national television. (I’m still waiting for a contestant to scream, “No, I won’t go! I demand a recount!” Why not? …

Bruce’s human touch makes lawyer a lifelong fan

Everybody’s got a hungry heart.

Cynthianne Morgan knows this for sure.

Morgan, wife of Birmingham trial lawyer Joe W. Morgan III, has heard those words so often in her Shelby County home, they’ve almost become gospel.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band via

The lyrics and music of one famous musician speak directly to the heart of her 38-year-old husband, who grew up in Eatontown, N.J., just 5 miles away from Asbury Park.

Joe Morgan is such a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, he arranged for the piano player at their wedding to play “Jungleland” as the guests were seated.

He bought a DVD player when and only when Springsteen came out with a film in that format.

His appointment book for 2002 is dotted with red notations marking the dates and locations of Springsteen concerts, including Tuesday’s at the BJCC Arena.…

Choosing the Right Party Band?

Whether you’re holding a big party or a smaller function, the music can often make or break an event. A live band can be a fantastic addition, but choosing the right band is a difficult task. Luckily we’ve discovered one of the best party bands for hire in the UK that can offer you everything you need for the music at your event to be a success!

nOTC (Off The Cuff) have been providing top quality entertainment to both corporate and personal clients for nearly ten years, and have helped make some spectacular nights. Their knowledge and professionalism is evident from first contact, and their ability and experience is clear when they perform. Having represented major clients from all around the world such as Virgin and the BBC, along with serving smaller clients on an individual level, they know exactly what’s needed and how to adapt to fit your event …

George Strait is a Country Legend

When talking about country music stars that set the golden standard for all other country stars, one name seems to come up: George Strait. Strait has sold over 70 million albums in the United States, including 13 multiplatinum, 33 platinum and 38 gold albums. 3 Golden Pick awards were given for George Strait top songs, one in 1997 for “Favorite Video Entertainer” for the song Check Yes or No, and “Favorite Album” for his song Blue Clear Sky.

Cover of George Strait

George Strait has been recording for over 30 years and has achieved 60 number one songs on country music rating charts and a net worth of over $300 million. He has more number one hits than any other artist in country music, and every other genre. Strait is also the only country artist to have one single be in the top ten charts for 30 consecutive years, which …

Choosing the Ideal Music Band for Your Corporate Party or Event

When picking the perfect band, first you must analyze the guest list. Are your guests old? Will they prefer dancing or simply simple listening? Will they love a more substantial variety or one particular style? Is the venue set up for a night of dancing or merely music and dinner? What sort of budget have you got for your entertainment?

After you have narrowed these down, you should discover what type of group is perfect for your event: a corporate band, a cover band, or a tribute band?

What’s the difference?

Generally, corporate bands are larger groups of professionally trained musicians that you’ll often see at huge corporate parties, bigger-budgeted weddings, and on cruise ships. These groups are generally the pricier option of the group but are usually the guaranteed maximum quality. These groups often have the biggest collection of music on the spot from guests as they normally have …

How to grow public relations with help of Soundcloud

Public Relations Enhancement with Sound Cloud:

Soundcloud has been reviewed as one of the most important things to bring the PR campaigns. For all your relevant needs and for music sharing it serves as the best tool. It serves multi purposes as on one hand it makes your work promoted with the artists’ players and their album streaming widgets and on the other hand you can also share your personalized music in most confidential respects. It can also be called as a source for the digital PR marketing source.

Enjoy the Music:

It’s always a better idea to not to go for 3rd party downloading sites rather depend on soundcloud to enjoy music and in this way you don’t need to make extra inputs to listen music in complicated steps. It can also be downloaded by the player or using the URL.

Music Broadcasting:

Do you want to make everyone …